Orange Savannah


I'm Nea Kontio, 3D and 2D artist from Finland who is enthusiastic about comics, games and stories. OrangeSavannah works as an online username for my several other art related social media platforms, though my artworks are often signed by the simple initals; NK. Currently working as a 3D-animator and -generalist in the gaming industry with roughly 3 years of experience.


About me
Starting from early childhood, I've always had a great passion for creating worlds and characters for all kinds of fantastical story ideas. This led me to develop an intense drive to self teach myself to put these ideas down on paper long before I even knew I wanted to pursue a career in art. When the realization, that art could be a valid option for a living, finally hit me, I seeked out an education in 3D-visualization to further my skillset. 3D did not only elevate my 2D artskills to a higher level, but also created a newfound passion for gameart and 3D-animation in general.
I often joke about how I spend my days as an animator and the nights as a 2D artist, as my own personal projects revolve around creating comics, where two of my favorite pastimes, writing and drawing, nicely meet each other.